Internet Win of the Day: Feb. 21

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

Because by Thursday night, who among us can’t use a little Disney, especially when it involves a guy who’s channeling Carrot Top?

Plus, since I’ll be live-tweeting Scandal in an hour-and-a-half or so, I consider this a preemptive cleansing of my soul. Then there’s the added benefit of imagining your own office attempting something like this and being able to immediately identify both those who would be irrationally standoff-ish and those who would take it a little too seriously.

Either way, work is super, isn’t it?

Today’s Internet Win point goes to Janna O’Shea (@dreamyeyed), who is a social engagement strategist for Disney and the one who tweeted this video. I used to work at ESPN, which is owned by Disney, so I guess that would make us co-workers in a Lake House universe.

And it comes back to Keanu. Just like it always does.

Man I’m weird.

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