Internet Win of the Day: Harlem Shake Edition

Just something I thought was awesome reals …

I had never watched a video of the Harlem Shake—the dance sensation sweeping the Web!—until last night, and, as it turned out, it was the version performed by the Miami Heat I saw first. I have to admit, I was both highly entertained and highly confused, not to mention sad that we don’t have any weddings coming up where I could do it on the dance floor.

That said, the above response from the Minnesota Timberwolves is the stuff Internet Wins are made of. And it warrants some special scoring tonight.

So I’m giving out two points total—one for the T-Wolves (@MNTimberwolves) themselves, and a 1/2 point apiece to the two men whose tweets led me to the video, Pete Cashmore from Mashable (@mashable) and Brent Haydon (@bhaydon5).

I always knew my love for my Isaiah Rider Timberwolves jersey would be requited.

me and my Isaiah Rider jersey

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