Internet Win of the Day: March 11

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

"In Defense of the Liberal Arts" from

Fair warning: This one requires you to click on the image or right here and actually do some reading—something that shouldn’t scare you if you are or were, you know, a liberal arts major.

I was one myself: the economics major who wanted to be a sports broadcaster and ended up as a marketing writer and author. And therein lies one of the principal strengths of my touchy-feely degree, one that author Gina Vaynshteyn wisely points out: It prepared me for a lot of different things.

True, I’m biased not only because of what I chose to major in but also because I spent six years writing for the communications office in Notre Dame’s College of Arts and Letters, my alma mater. But if you don’t find the suggestion that people who want to study something besides science or engineering don’t belong in college— which is part of the stance Gina is taking on—absolutely appalling, then you and I probably can’t be friends. I’m also guessing that you’re not a super satisfied individual.

For supplying us with this food for thought, Gina (@ginainterrupted), an MFA student who is also a writer for, takes home half of today’s Internet Win point; the other half goes to my lovely wife, Jenny (@jennyragerfox), for knowing me well enough to send me the link to this story.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to go read it. And then go read a book.

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