Internet Win of the Day: Uniform Fail Edition

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

Fug the Uniforms: adidas, from

The fugging I mean, not the uniforms themselves. They’re “awesome.”

This was Heather of Fug Girls ( taking on the new wardrobes several men’s basketball teams donned during the conference tournaments last week, including our shared alma mater, Notre Dame. You can click on the image or right here to see the full gallery of, as she astutely points out, Zubaz-inspired abominations.

Heather earns today’s full Internet Win point for @fuggirls, further strengthening her and her partner Jessica’s hold on my No. 1 spot. And I’m excited to announce that these most frequent of Internet winners will be appearing right here on my blog tomorrow night in an exclusive interview.

And by “exclusive interview,” I mean they’ve both answered a question I sent them via e-mail. But “exclusive interview” sounds way cooler.

So make sure to come back tomorrow to check that out. In the meantime, enjoy the horribleness above and Heather’s take on all of it.

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