Internet Win of the Day: April 10

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

It’s late. We’re all tired. Just watch rapping weatherman Nick Kosir. You’ll be amazed. And when you see I’ve predicted this so well, you’ll swear I’m a Mayan.

Stole that one from Nick.

Incidentally, weathermen are proving to be a fertile ground for Internet Wins; allow me to take you back to Oct. 16 of last year and this seemingly, um, “well-endowed” forecaster.

The point for today’s Win gets split between intrepid BuzzFeed reporter Ryan Broderick (@ryanpbroderick), who published a story with this and other videos from the Jay Z of the jet stream, and Ryan’s colleague Ellie Hall (@ellievhall), a member of our all-time Internet Win Top 10 and the one who tweeted Ryan’s story into my timeline this morning.

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