Internet Win of the Day: Boston Edition

Given everything that happened yesterday, I wanted to dedicate a special Internet Win of the Day to the city of Boston.

This is one of those times when none of us have the right words. For my wife, Jenny, and me, Boston is also a place that holds a special spot in our hearts: she went to Boston College for grad school, we were at Fenway Park within a half-an-hour of getting engaged, and the Red Sox are a staple not only of our summers but, in many ways, our relationship. Case in point would be the above video, which I made back in August 2011 after we selected a, shall we say, “interesting” name for our new puppy (who is now almost two years old).

Jenny and I can’t wait to go back in June to sit (well, more accurately, stand) in the Monster Seats and see the Sox take on the Angels. In the meantime, to our adopted home: We love you, Boston, and we’re thinking of you.

Go Sox.

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