Internet Win of the Day: April 25

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

You watch this the first time and think: “Hey, that IS Frasier Crane.”

You watch it a second time and wonder: “Holy crap—this was a TV show?”

And then you watch it a third time and realize: “There’s at least a 50 percent chance NBC will air it this fall. I mean, it is NBC.”

The entire point for today’s Internet Win goes to Joe Adalian (@TVMoJoe), the West Coast editor for the awesome pop culture folks at Vulture. This is quite possibly the most dramatic Internet Win in history and not just because J.J. Starbuck is a billionaire with a wealth of talents.

See, just this Tuesday, Rita Meade’s second Internet Win positioned her to jump up into my all-time Top 10 when the new rankings are released on Monday. This is still true. However, in that post, I wrote how Rita’s ascent all but guaranteed Joe, who had been holding onto the No. 10 spot, would drop out. Unless, you know, he managed to pull off a win in the next two days. But what were the odds of that?

And then along came mysteries that confound the senses.

Not only will Joe stay in the Top 10, but with today’s point, he’ll now have 2.5 total, meaning he will take over sole possession of third next week.

Take it away, Al Michaels:

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