50 Words or Less(-ish) Fridays: Lauren Bans

This is just what the name implies: Each week, I ask someone interesting a question and request that she/he respond in 50 words or less.

Or somewhere in the ballpark of 50 words. That’s why there’s an “-ish.” I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this site isn’t exactly a bastion of rigidity.

Lauren Bans and Joe Mauer (sort of)Today, I’m going to sound like I’m super important because I’m being joined by Lauren Bans, an editor and writer at a little outfit called GQ (you may have heard of it). Lauren mostly covers culture and humor—it’s a shock we get along—and you can check out her stuff by going to her contributors page on the magazine’s site. She’s also a pretty outstanding person to follow on Twitter, where her header photo alone will tell you a lot about @LaurenBans.

As for her relationship with this cutout of Minnesota Twins star Joe Mauer’s head, Lauren is noncommittal. Something tells me, however, that he’s got a better shot than the dashing suitor she mentioned when I asked her:

In 2011, you were named to The New York Observer’s list of 50 Media Power Bachelorettes. Was that rose ceremony televised?

It’s a complicated answer. Officially: no. BUT did I go home that night, pound three vodka shots, put on a blindingly ugly dress, and stand in heels for many hours whilst staring at a single rose until I cried? All while filming a close-up of my trembling lips? No. For the record, that “award” got me no physical dates. Just a very nice comment from an anonymous Internet person that read “I wuld F*CK all dem white girl.”

Then again, maybe it was that Mauer cutout. I mean, Rose on Golden Girls was from Minnesota, and think about the crazy stuff she said. It’s probably all that snow. It does something to you.

Big ups to Lauren for stopping by this week. It’s the most dapper I’ve felt in years.

Interested in being featured in “50 Words or Less(-ish) Fridays” or know someone who should be? Let me know. Also, feel free to check out the archive of past guests. But no pressure.


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