Internet Win of the Day: May 1

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

I was at The Price is Right Live in South Bend last night—unfortunately, I was not destined to “Come on down”— so I missed celebrating the nine-year anniversary of the release of one of the greatest movies of my lifetime, nay any lifetime, Mean Girls.

However, seeing as my love of this movie is well-documented, I couldn’t let a little thing like the date get in the way of marking the occasion. So, a day after he published it, I offer you this Internet Win from Jarett Wieselman (@jarettsays), the editorial director for ETonline, about the nine most important things that Mean Girls taught us, complete with accompanying clips from the movie. You can read them by following the link in the tweet or clicking right about here.

For instance, Jarett starts with what Gretchen taught us about racism:

I mean seriously, how does anyone not love this movie?

Jarett gets the full point for today’s win, his first. One more, and he’ll join the rarified air that is the all-time Top 10. Now I don’t mean to suggest I can be bought, but Jarett, hook up the Ted Fox ET interview, and things may “happen” to fall into place for you.

Just sayin.’

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