Internet Win of the Day: The Office Finale Edition

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

I’ll admit that my viewing of The Office, whose finale airs tonight on NBC, has gotten more sporadic in recent years. What was once literally must-see-TV for me on Thursday nights has become much more of a five-episodes-on-the-DVR-so-I-better-catch-up kind of situation.

But I have loved this show since its humble six-episode beginnings in the spring of 2005, and I am sad and nostalgic about seeing it go.

And I can think of no better tribute to it than “Five Ways The Office Ruined My Life,” which Erin Mallory Long (@erinmallorylong) published on HelloGiggles earlier today. So check it out, follow Erin on Twitter, and then enjoy the conclusion of this seminal TV comedy tonight.

The point for today’s Internet Win goes all to Erin, marking her first foray into the winner’s circle.

That’s what she said.

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