Out of the Office

As part of the 33 Project, my wife, Jenny, and I are getting ready to head out on a cross-country road trip, meaning I’ll be taking a short hiatus from crowning winners of the Internet and interviewing people in 50 words or less(-ish).

Please just pretend you know what the hell I’m talking about.

Now if you’re thinking this sounds great because you really could use a break from me, what I’m about to say next will probably be pretty disappointing: I will still be tweeting while we’re on the road.

So I hope you’ll follow along with @AuthorTedFox—where I’ll be using #awesomeroadtrip—as I lose my money at a craps table in Vegas, see Mt. Rushmore, and generally just take in life west of the Mississippi. And speaking of Twitter, I’m inching closer to 500 followers, so if you’re inclined to spread the word about this and push me over the line, I will of course be grateful.*

See you back here in a couple of weeks.

*Gratefulness has no monetary value.

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