Internet Win of the Day Tournament, Round 2

UPDATE: Voting for Round 2 has closed. Here’s how the upset-heavy results shook out:

(1) @fuggirls 35, (10) @mikescollins 8
(5) @nprmonkeysee 22, (4) Possessionista 12
(6) @ScrewyDecimal 24, (3) @TVMoJoe 16
(8) @LucyACarson 22, (2) @rembert 7

Come back on Monday, July 8, when voting will open for the final four.

I’ve been doing this Internet Win of the Day thing for a while now, so I thought it was high time we bracket-ize it.

What we have below is the 10 people (represented by their Twitter handles) who have won the Internet most often since I started doing an Internet Win of the Day back in October seeded into an NCAA tournament-style bracket. I call it the Internet Win of the Day Summer Madness Tournament of Champions I because I’m hoping sounding redundantly grandiose makes up for the underwhelming graphic.

Round 1 is now officially in the books, with 10-seed @mikescollins and 8-seed @LucyACarson advancing to take on top-seed @fuggirls and No. 2 @rembert, respectively.

And I just now realized that if I had set the bracket up correctly, those two would be reversed, but whatever. This is janky-looking enough to justify more than one mistake:

Internet Win of the Day Tournament bracket

PDF of Internet Win of the Day Summer Madness Tournament of Champions I Bracket

How It Works

Each week for the next several, rather than handing out a new win Monday–Thursday, I’ll present you, my fabulous readers, with some matchups that pit the best of the best against each other. I’m selecting one previous win from each contestant (which may actually be someone else’s work that that contestant retweeted into my timeline) as her/his entry into the competition, but you will determine the winner of every matchup (and ultimately, the champion) via your votes in the polls in the post.

Here in Round 2, eight titans of the Interwebz are set to square off:

Top Region:

1. @fuggirls vs. 10. @mikescollins

4. @Possessionista vs. 5. @nprmonkeysee

Bottom Region:

3. @TVMoJoe vs. 6. @ScrewyDecimal

2. @rembert vs. 8. @LucyACarson

Polls will be open until whenever I take them down (probably around 10:00 a.m. Eastern this Friday), so please please please vote for your favorites and, if you haven’t already, go find these folks on Twitter because they’re all great.

May the best Tweeter win—absolutely nothing, other than bragging rights. You should see our budget here. It’s brutal.

1. @fuggirls

10. @mikescollins


4. @Possessionista

5. @nprmonkeysee

*Note: @nprmonkeysee’s entry is not the tweet but the story it links to.


3. @TVMoJoe

6. @ScrewyDecimal


2. @rembert

*Note: Again, this entry is for the story linked to the tweet. The accompanying video of the last episode of Saved by the Bell is not currently available, but for all you Bayside gurus, that shouldn’t be a problem.

8. @LucyACarson



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