Internet Win of the Day Tournament: Final

UPDATE: After a spectacular few days of voting, the poll for the final has closed.

I’m happy to announce that @ScrewyDecimal is the champion of the Internet Win of the Day Summer Madness Tournament of Champions I, having defeated @fuggirls in a back-and-forth affair worthy of the 1980s NBA, 150-131.

This means @ScrewyDecimal (whose real name is Rita Meade) wins the most coveted prize in all of the Internet: a signed copy of my book.

The Internet is kind of backwoods.

Thanks to all of you who voted, as this was by far the biggest turnout of the tournament. And an even bigger thanks to Rita and her very worthy foes, Heather and Jessica, for so generously spreading the word about the final.

Here’s to both of you.

Do you feel that? Yes, that right there.

There’s a championship in the air.

And this just in: It carries a prize worth at least several dollars. But more on that in a minute. In case you’re new here, allow me to explain what’s going on.

I’ve been doing this Internet Win of the Day thing for a while now, so I thought it was high time we bracket-ize it. What we have below is the 10 people (represented by their Twitter handles) who have won the Internet most often since I started doing an Internet Win of the Day back in October seeded into an NCAA tournament-style bracket. I call it the Internet Win of the Day Summer Madness Tournament of Champions I because I’m hoping sounding redundantly grandiose makes up for the underwhelming graphic.

Round 1Round 2, and the semifinals are all now over, and only two contenders are left standing:

The top-seed, @fuggirls, who were not seriously challenged in either of their first two matchups, and No. 6 @ScrewyDecimal, who took out the formidable 3-seed @TVMoJoe in her first game and then snuck by a hard-charging @LucyACarson in the semis.

And now, the aforementioned underwhelming graphic, which shows their respective paths to the finals:

Internet Win of the Day Summer Madness Tournament of Champions I bracket

PDF of the Internet Win of the Day Summer Madness Tournament of Champions I Bracket

How It Works

For the last couple of weeks, rather than handing out a new win Monday–Thursday, I’ve been presenting you, my fabulous readers, with some matchups that pit the best of the best against each other. I selected one previous win from each contestant (which may actually be someone else’s work that that contestant retweeted into my timeline) as her/his entry into the competition, but you are the ones who determine the winner of every matchup—and now, the champion—via your votes in the poll in the post.

The poll will be open until whenever I take it down (probably around 10:00 a.m. Eastern this Friday), so please please please vote for your favorite and, if you haven’t already, go find @fuggirls and @ScrewyDecimal on Twitter because they’re both great.

Now I’ve been saying all along that the champion will win absolutely nothing other than bragging rights, but I like these two so much (actually, these three since there are two wonderful ladies behind @fuggirls) that I’m going to send the winner a signed copy of my book, You Know Who’s Awesome? (Not You.).

So yeah, basically it’s still nothing.

May the best tweet win.

Oh, and you should probably listen to this while you consider and cast your vote:


1. @fuggirls

6. @ScrewyDecimal

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