Internet Win of the Day: Weiner Edition

Just something I thought was awesome for reals … 

You’d think this would go without saying. You’d also think that Twilight fan fiction about S&M wouldn’t morph into an internationally bestselling book trilogy or that people would eventually stop going to Golden Corral. But these are dark times.

And GQ‘s Lauren Bans is just the person, through this installment in her “Ask a Real Live Lady” column, to not only set the record straight for all you Anthony Weiner apostles out there but also to explain why sending a dick pic is troubling behavior.

Lauren is an old friend of Ted Fox is Awesome, having been the featured guest for a 50 Words Friday, but amazingly, this is her first Internet win. She gets one point for that; one more, and she’ll be in the Internet Win of the Day Top 10.

Where we all acknowledge, in Lauren’s words, that “Breasts are not chest penises!”


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