50 Words or Less(-ish) Fridays: Jill Marr

This is just what the name implies: Each week, I ask someone interesting a question and request that she/he respond in 50 words or less.

Or somewhere in the ballpark of 50 words. That’s why there’s an “-ish.” I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this site isn’t exactly a bastion of rigidity.

Jill MarrMy guest on this fine August Friday is Jill Marr, an acquiring agent at the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency. Jill has a strong Internet and media background and nearly 15 years of publishing experience. She wrote features and ads for Pages, the literary magazine for people who love books, and continues to write book ads for publishing houses, magazine pieces, and promotional features for television.

Now because she is such an astute woman, Jill represents humor writers, like past 50 Words guest and Seinfeld alum Fred Stoller. That’s just not all she does.

She is interested in commercial fiction, with an emphasis on mysteries, thrillers and horror, women’s commercial fiction, and historical fiction, as well as nonfiction projects in the areas of self-help, inspirational, cookbooks, memoir (she especially loves travel and foodie memoirs), health & nutrition, pop culture, and music.

But all of that said, there was really only one way this question could go:

You’re no stranger to representing humor writers. What is it about us that makes us so darn endearing?

I grew up reading Dave Barry and later David Sedaris, so I’ve always loved humor writers. I am generally attracted to anyone who makes me laugh out loud, snort, guffaw—you name it. Even if it comes from a clerk at a grocery store. I like to be surprised. And with writers it’s no different. Nonfiction is wonderful but I also love it when there is humor in fiction. But beyond tickling our funny bone, I think really talented humor writers make us look at the world a little differently. It’s through their unusual view of life that we see things we’ve never seen before.

Just in case you missed it, I’d like it noted that Jill said: “I think really talented humor writers make us look at the world a little differently.” I wish she hadn’t thrown “really talented” in there, but hey, I’ll take it. Not everyone knows me well enough to dispute that.

Huge thanks to Jill for stopping by this week and for loving humor enough to put up with people like me.

Interested in being featured in “50 Words or Less(-ish) Fridays” or know someone who should be? Let me know. Also, feel free to check out the archive of past guests. But no pressure.

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