Internet Win of the Day: September 17

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

It took some serious talent to welcome back New Girl (whose season premiere is tonight at 9:00) with this kind of style, so I’m foregoing the typical one-point Internet Win to hand out two.

Try to stay calm.

The first point is getting split between Chris Olivieri (@chrisDAPS), the one who tweeted latex Nick Miller into my timeline, and Liz Meriwether (@lizmeriwether), the creator of New Girl, who obviously has much bigger things on her mind tonight than my Internet Win but who also went to my high school, a fact that I try to work into conversation whenever possible.

Exhibit A: See above.

Exhibit B: Today’s 1/2 point will move her into sole possession of fifth when the new Top 10 comes out next week.

But the real star of this win is Susanne Ritchie (@BlackCatBalloon), who made this balloon (and has done many others). That’s why she’s getting a full point all to herself.

And remember: Everything you hear in True American is a lie. Knock on wood.

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