Internet Win of the Day: Thanksgiving Eve Edition

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

This just in: It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and what better way to pay tribute to our favorite eating holiday than through a countdown of all the Friends Turkey Day episodes?

There are 10 episodes on this list from E!, one from every season the show was on the air, and it has inspired my wife, Jenny, and me to revisit some of them this evening. I won’t spoil anything by telling you which season’s episode took the top spot; you’ll have to click either the link in the tweet or right here to find that out and watch clips from each.

However, I will tell you that it’s not the following episode, one of my favorites and an homage to the sport that is as synonymous with this holiday as leftovers and misinformed political arguments:

The point for today’s Internet Win goes to Jenna Mullins (@JBomb11), an editor at E! Online (who, bonus, appears to have a soft spot for Zelda). She selflessly sorted through a host of worthy contenders to arrive at this final list, and we’re the beneficiaries of her work.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy some classic television before your family shows up to duke it out over healthcare.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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