Internet Win of the Day: Dec. 10

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

So let me get this straight, Ms. Kendrick: You’re saying I shouldn’t send you my script Not a School Night: The Rebecca Black Story?

That’s disappointing.

The point for today’s Internet Win gets split in two. The first half goes to the über-talented actress Anna Kendrick (@AnnaKendrick47), who’s not only funny on Twitter but also does really under-the-radar-stuff like:

The second half of the point goes to Entertainment Weekly‘s box office guru, Grady Smith (@gradywsmith), who wisely retweeted this and, along with an exhortation from my wife, convinced me I was being a bonehead by not already following Ms. Kendrick. For his trouble, Grady now has 1.5 points total and is on the verge of cracking the Internet Win Top 10.

You know, whatever that means.

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