Internet Win of the Day: Dec. 12

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

Here’s a secret to winning the Internet: If you won earlier in the week and take the initiative to tweet something else at me, there’s a good chance you’re taking home the hardware again, even if it’s on a day of the week I don’t normally hand one out.

And in this case, the ante has actually been upped, as Breia’s Monday win was also a Community season 5 trailer, which, while quite funny, takes a backseat to this one.

So the point for this special Thursday Internet Win belongs all to Entertainment Weekly’s Breia Brissey (@breiabrissey), who now has 2.5 points total and will be moving into the all-time Top 10 when I update it on Monday. In fact, this will knock one of her EW colleagues, Maricela Gonzalez, out of the Top 10.

That may be the biggest scandal to hit Ted Fox is Awesome since we held that rally protesting the wrong Korea.

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