Internet Win of the Day: Golden Globes Edition

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

A little background: My wife and I adore Emma Watson, so when I saw her … uh … unconventional look on the Golden Globes’ red carpet last night, I immediately asked Jenny, a savvy fashion observer: “What do you think?”

We’re going on less sleep than usual these days courtesy of our two-month-old, Henry, which may have magnified her bewilderment and thus led to a noncommittal “I need time to process this.” Fortunately, the Fug Girls have stepped in, issuing the following, among other assessments:

I mean, I appreciate that she’s trying something new, I like that she’s rarely boring, and I dig the shoes but also, let’s get real: this shit’s an apron.

And boom goes the dynamite.

The point for today’s Internet Win goes to Heather and Jessica, aka @fuggirls, aka the all-time leaders when it comes to being awesome for reals.

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