Internet Win of the Day: Jan. 15

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

Based on things I’ve heard Jerry (we’re totally on a first-name basis) say over the years, I don’t think there is any more Seinfeld in our future, big screen, small screen, or otherwise. But even if I don’t think it will happen, and even if I’m not sure my favorite show of all-time would make any kind of sense as a movie, I’d still want to see them try.

You don’t almost have a nervous breakdown doing this and not feel that way.

And this article, this article right here, deftly strewn with Seinfeld references throughout, gives me that glimmer of hope that it could happen. God bless you, Yahoo! television critic Maggie Furlong (@MaggieFurlong).

The point for today’s Internet Win belongs all to Maggie. And if there does end up being a full-blown, non-Curb Your Enthusiasm-based Seinfeld reunion, it’ll be like Mackinac peach season and Festivus all rolled into one.


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