Internet Win of the Day: Jan. 28

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

Caitlin then followed up with this line from the story:

But wait; there’s more. These are the three sentences before that one:

He tried to get the attention of his three friends, who were spearfishing just around the bay, but they did not take him seriously.

“I thought surely he hasn’t been bitten, there’s no way he has been bitten, he’s got to be taking the piss,” Mackley Lindsay said.

His friends carried on fishing while Dr Grant tacked the wounds together with a needle and thread from his first-aid kit for his pig-hunting dogs.

The message is clear: Don’t sleep on New Zealand.

You can read the full story from The Sydney Morning Herald by clicking the link in Caitlin’s first tweet or right about here. In the meantime, join me in congratulating her on this Internet Win, one that will vault her into the all-time Top 10 when the new rankings come out next week.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go feel real good about myself for throwing out my back last month from bending over to change my son’s diapers.

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