Internet Win of the Day: Zeitgeist Edition

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

Anything from @Breznican, known to the world beyond Twitter as Anthony Breznican, is always in the running for an Internet Win. Seeing as he’s a senior writer for Entertainment Weekly who specializes in the Oscars, something from him about the Academy Awards the day after they take place has an even stronger shot.

But when he drops a link to his appearance here on little old Ted Fox is Awesome in the second sentence of his Entertainment Weekly article to explain the evolution of his pick for Best Picture?

Hey, I’m only human; there’s no way this wasn’t winning.

So, the point for today’s Internet Win belongs all to Anthony. Please go check out his analysis of this year’s winners and join me in reveling in my brief moment in the pop culture big leagues.

(PS: On a related note, if you missed Kid Gazoo’s first piece as a contributing writer to this site—a comparison of the Oscars to college football’s Heisman Trophy—it’s worth noting he went 7/7 picking the acting categories + best picture, director, and animated feature. We don’t play around here.)

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