Internet Win of the Day: April 22

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

I mean someone should probably tell them, right? After all, there does seem to be a good cause behind the … um … Great Northern Jerk-Off.

No. No, we must never tell them. We need this.

For the t-shirts. And the headlines. And the newspaper stories that begin: “Club 45 in Conover was full to the brim Feb. 15 for the 20th anniversary of the Great Northern Jerk-Off.”

The point for today’s Internet win gets split between Lana Berry (@Lana), who’s hilarious and tweeted this into my timeline, and Matt Christman (@cushbomb), who brought the pride of Conover to all of us.

I also look forward to coverage of the Great Northern 69. You know, where people drive around exactly four miles an hour over the speed limit to raise money for the humane society.

Why, what’d you think it was?

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