Ted Fox in a puffy shirt

Yes, that is a puffy shirt.

Once called the “perfect wiseass” by none other than his wife’s uncle, Ted Fox is the author of two books. The first, a humor memoir titled Malled in America, was published in late 2009 by his local FedEx Office; recently, one of his Twitter feeds gave rise to book number two, You Know Who’s Awesome? (Not You.) (Adams Media 2012). He assures those closest to him that he does indeed see the irony in sarcastically calling people “awesome” while passing off tweets as a book.

When he’s not cracking wise or speaking like an agitated grandparent, Ted somehow manages to maintain gainful employment at an institution of higher learning. He spent his first six years there as a writer/editor in a communications office, honing his craft under the guidance of the world-renowned Merriam-Webster and Associated Press Stylebook. The job provided its fair share of triumphs as well as challenges, such as the need to suppress a gag reflex when someone advised him that Wikipedia is more accurate than Encyclopedia Britannica. Since March 2010, he has held the title of executive administrator and feels confident he’s now only a few months away from knowing what that means.

Ted’s journey back to a college campus (yes, he did graduate from college—in four years, even) included stints as a production assistant trainee at ESPN and as a play-by-play announcer for a regional sports radio network. Of course, neither of those incredibly lucrative positions started right when he graduated, leading him to spend several months working at a golf course, during which time he may or may not have passed on his first “real” job to go to a football game.

His parents are just happy he’s not living in their basement.

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