You Know Who’s Awesome?

Ever stop and think: “Everyone is just so awesome”?

Didn’t think so.

It’s just a fact—most people aren’t. But that doesn’t stop them from thinking that they are. And that shouldn’t stop you from mocking them. Quite the contrary, actually; it should encourage you.

In You Know Who’s Awesome?, Ted Fox (that’s me) gives you the thumbs-up to giving the thumbs-down to everyone and everything that’s far from awesome and, really, just plain awful. Like him unknowingly putting on his wife’s t-shirt and then admiring his pecs.

He claims he did look good, though.

The Not Awesome 2014 Daily CalendarAnd bonus: Adams Media, the book’s publisher, subsequently turned it into The Not Awesome 2014 Daily Calendar. Of course, now that we’re well past the start of 2014, this knowledge is pretty useless to you. But hey, it looks cool.





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